Ron Quintal

President at Fort McKay Métis

Ron has been the President of Fort McKay Métis since 2005. This began as a volunteer position while he continued to work full time for Shell Canada. Since that time Ron has grown as a leader in the community, taking a leave of absence from Shell Canada in 2009 to work full time for the Fort McKay Métis. Since then he helped establish the Fort McKay Métis Group Ltd, a social enterprise that has helped to fund community initiatives such as beautification and the building of a new community park. He has also developed meaningful relationships with the Fort McKay First Nation, various levels of government, and companies in the region. These relationships have led to the development of a long-term agreement to work with the Fort McKay First Nation on behalf of the community, a long-term lease of Fort McKay Métis lands with the Government of Alberta, and Good Neighbour and Joint Venture agreements with companies throughout the region. Ron is a leader with a strong vision for a Métis community that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. He strongly believes that communities need to be built from the ground up and he therefore includes members on all major community decisions.