Jamie Saulnier

Executive Director at National Association of Indigenous Workers

Mr. Saulnier graduated from NAIT in Edmonton, AB in 1994 as a Journeyman Welder. In 2001, he started an industrial construction company focusing on maintenance and capital projects in the mining, forestry and oil sectors. Ten years later his flourishing construction company specializing predominantly in the mining industry was passionately cultivating new Aboriginal training & development initiatives. In 2008 with the realization on a pending labor shortage facing Canada, Jamie set out to build a training program that would give Aboriginal people the tools needed to enter into the Canadian workforce. What followed was the creation of Running Deer Resources; an Aboriginally-owned firm that builds Customized Engagement Strategies to maximize opportunities for Indigenous people and Industry, Working Warriors; a human resource agency that connects employers to an extensive global inventory of indigenous talent and the National Association of Indigenous Workers; a non-profit organization and social networking portal that builds relationships and unity between indigenous people, communities, organizations and employers to maximize employment, education, and economic development opportunities nationwide. The success of this initiative has landed Jamie on the pages of the Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, CBC Radio and several trade magazines. He has also participated in several round table discussions with Industry, Government and Aboriginal groups regarding labor shortages in Canada