Workshop B — A Day in the Execution of a Turnaround – The A to Z Daily Plan for Critical Turnaround Deliverables

Dec 6, 2021 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Chris Postill
Progressive Plan Inc.

Curtis Hermans
Progressive Plan Inc.

Peter Reier

Key steps, process, deliverables, documents, schedule, cost estimate of TAR for new/intermediate employees.

  • Ensuring all stakeholders have approved the execution plan before the unit is shut down
  • What essential steps are necessary for schedule control during the execution phase?
  • Reviewing the details of the daily execution schedule
  • Ensuring all plans and objectives are discussed at critical meetings: Kick off, morning update, safety meeting, schedule update meeting
  • Exploring Critical Path Management
  • Managing emergent and unforeseen obstacles
  • Balancing discovery work with the turnaround duration