Scope Optimization: Identifying and Correcting Weakness for Controlling a Turnaround Event

December 7, 2022 2:45pm

Colin Herbert
Shutdowns Supervisor

  • Why controlling scope is critical
  • When to gather the scope list vs event date

Scope challenge and control:
  • The typical approach, using scope challenge and change control
  • Effective challenging of the work scope to eliminate unnecessary jobs
  • Typical weaknesses with scope challenge and ways to fix them

Dealing with inevitable – scope changes while maintaining control:
  • Typical weaknesses with scope change control and approaches to fix them

Organizational Engagement on scope list – How to ensure scope does not fall through the cracks?
  • What steps can be taken to manage addendums to the work list and insure minimizing the ‘forgotten’ work?

Anticipate Execution challenges based on Scope
  • Developing a planning strategy using risk-based scope reviews

Emergent Work – it happens
  • Approach, using nimble scope challenge and change control
  • Potential challenges and ways to fix them