The Fundamentals of Privacy and Its Impact on Legal Obligations and Requirements

Feb 8, 2017 9:00am – 12:00pm

Avril Allen
Boghosian + Allen LLP

David G. Boghosian
Boghosian + Allen LLP

(Registration Opens at 8:30AM)
Post-Conference Master Class
  • Collection and Storage of Government Generated Video
    • Retention and disclosure requirements regarding
      • Municipal CCTV on transit and other public spaces
      • Police body worn video and Toronto “carding” controversy
      • Airborne persistent surveillance systems
    • Obligation of municipalities to protect privacy of persons captured by government generated video and other MFIPPA requirements
  • Data Security for Municipalities
    • Recent data breach case studies, including ransomware attacks on municipal emergency services
    • Cloud computing and municipal privacy requirements when data is to be held in the United States
    • “Bring your Own Device” policies and data security requirements
    • Model data breach checklist for municipalities
  • Municipal liability for employee privacy breaches
    • Municipal tort lability for employee intrusion upon seclusion
    • Powers of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
    • Model data retention/disposal policies