Group Rate Bundles

Are representatives from your police or governmental department considering attendance at Police Tech and our affiliated event, Law of Policing Conference, Eastern Edition? Take advantage of our group rates by bundling your registrations!

Registration is exclusively available via phone or email. Reach out to our Customer Experience Team at 1-877-927-7936 or via email at [email protected] to explore tailored rates and packages that align with your requirements.

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Call our Customer Experience Team at 1-877-927-7936 or email [email protected] to discuss rates and packages that suit your needs.

Payment and Discount Policy
Payment is due upon registration. We accept most major credit cards and bank transfers. If you require cheque payment, please contact customer service for details. Advanced/early bookings made without payment will be reassessed at the next tier rate once the rate has expired. To ensure admittance, full payment must be received prior to the event.

Special discounts apply to the conference fee only and do not apply to workshops or other add-ons. All conference fees must be paid in full at the time of the order for any discount to be applied.