Leverage Recent Case Law Developments!

Learn how to implement the most competitive strategies to protect and defend your patent portfolios and maximise revenues on inventions

The pharmaceutical industry is by nature highly competitive and lucrative. Opportunities to drive the commercial success of a product with patent protection regularly arise. Given the constantly shifting IP landscape and rapidly evolving case law, staying on top of the law and regulatory changes, and abreast of current litigation tactics, can prove challenging.

Patent protection is often the strongest form of legal assurance available, however, there are a number of options, considerations and hurdles to consider. A pro-actively managed patent portfolio can yield advantageous rewards, particularly through the use of innovative patenting strategies.

Attend The Canadian Institute’s 12th annual Forum on Pharma Patents and get fresh insights, tactics and tools to enhance your litigation strategy and remain competitive in today’s evolving patent landscape.

  • Find answers to the multitude of strategic, regulatory and litigation questions you face
  • Get an update on crucial pharma regulatory requirements needed to comply with the authorities
  • Gain innovative and proven patent litigation strategies and lessons from the experts
  • Take advantage of developments impacting biologics and subsequent entry biologics (SEB)
  • Learn from experts representing both brand and generic perspectives, as well as regulators and industry associations

We look forward to meeting you at the conference!