Be prepared to represent, leverage, and defend your pharmaceutical interests to their full extent!

The ever-changing landscape of the global pharmaceutical industry is full of innovation and discovery, but it is also marred with painstaking R&D, pricing pressures, international trade obligations, changing rules and regulations, lengthy litigation, and a constantly evolving body of jurisprudence. Join us at The Canadian Institute’s conference on Pharma Patents for two days of balanced, current presentations on the most pressing issues facing the pharmaceutical industry, innovators, patent agents, and the bar today. Whether you represent generic or brand name pharma, this summit will provide insightful commentary as well as useful information on how to best protect your patent products and interests. Gift: All participants will receive a free Canada & USA DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND OUTSOURCING GUIDE This comprehensive guide, lists Pharmaceutical resources including hundreds of useful contacts from contract research organization, contract manufacturing, clinical trial organizations, logistics, specialty labelling, legal services, finance, lawyers, lab suppliers, raw materials, logistics, regulatory affairs and more.

Venue & Accommodations

Pantages Hotel Toronto Center

200 Victoria St, Toronto, ON, M5B 1V8