Status Report from the Canadian Drug Agency Transition Office

January 19, 2023 9:00am

Susan Fitzpatrick
Canadian Drug Agency Transition Office

Stakeholders from across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector have been eagerly awaiting details of the Government of Canada’s pharmacare strategy. The Canadian Drug Agency Transition Office was established in spring of 2021 to work with provinces, territories and key stakeholders on options for a Canadian Drug Agency (CDA.) A proposal for advancing with a CDA has been informed by analysis and over 275 meetings and roundtables with key stakeholders and partners. These meetings underscored the need for national leadership in addressing key system gaps and improving the Canadian pharmaceuticals landscape for the benefit of all Canadians.

A principled approach is envisioned that prioritizes respect for jurisdiction, builds on system strengths, and focuses on the continued involvement of patients and stakeholders. This session will put a spotlight on key initiatives being undertaken by the transition office including:

  • Leveraging data and analytics engagement: Understanding how provinces and territories will contribute to the creation of the Canadian Drug Agency and the scope of its mandate
  • How the transition office is approaching the development of a national formulary and the implications for manufacturers, payers, and patients
  • Examining progress and timelines for the creation of the Canadian Drug Agency