Our partnerships are completely personalized. They are built around achieving strategic goals. We work with organizations to address a variety of needs such as increasing brand awareness, reach or engagement; customer growth or retention; establishing thought leadership; or showcasing services.
We will work with you to come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement. Whilst every partnership is different, we ask for exposure to your members through your various touch points, such as email communication; inclusion in a newsletter; profile on a mailing; or featuring on your website.
Please forward both an .eps file and a .jpeg file for your company logo. When relevant, please include your specific brand guidelines. This will ensure that your logo is correctly displayed on marketing collateral.
Your partnership agreement details the terms of your package. Often we do include a link from our website to the home page of your website to accompany either your company logo or company description provided.
Absolutely! We are always looking to maximize your exposure and promote your conference partnership in combination with our marketing efforts. Your Marketing Manager can provide a unique URL for you to post a reciprocal link.
Please complete the form below and someone will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities.