Steven D. Ness

Surety Association of Canada

STEVEN D. NESS is the President of the Surety Association ofCanada having assumed the post in August 1994. He is also a founder of theorganization and one of its original directors. Steve has authored a number ofarticles on surety bonds and the suretyship process He has spoken on thesubject in North America and in Europe. He has also lectured on the role ofsuretyship in the construction process at the University of Toronto and theInsurance Institute of Canada. In 1992, Steve joined forces with five industry“renegades” to form what would later become the Surety Association of Canada.As a founding member, he established the new organization as the voice ofsurety in Canada by inducing all sectors of the industry to join. Today theSurety Association represents 97% of the industry from coast to coast.