Dispute Resolution for Construction Projects: Assessing Improvements to the Process and Determining Which Method is Right for You


Jesse Gardner

Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP


Ian Marshall

Vice President, Commercial & Legal
Bot Construction Group


Jay Nathwani

Senior Legal Counsel
Crosslinx Transit Solutions Constructors


Lorna Tardif


Construction projects are complex and multi-faceted endeavors involving many parties with individual needs and interests, resulting in a greater likelihood that disputes will arise. Identifying common construction disputes and working to avoid them must constitute an essential part of each party’s risk management plan.

Hear our distinguished experts’ discussion on:
  • The importance of getting the contract right before it is entered into. Contract terms: scope, time, quality, cost, risk, role of the engineer/consultant, and dispute resolution
  • What are your dispute resolution options under your contract? Should you consider mediation or arbitration instead, and why?
  • How to clearly establish expectations and responsibilities at the outset of a project by striking a balance in priorities
  • Adequately defining project scope with the intention of avoiding cost overruns and disputes

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