Leveraging Technology in Legal Services to Create Efficiencies and Security

February 26, 2021 4:00pm

Karen Groulx
Dentons Canada LLP

Yuri Bartzis
Innovation Manager – Canadian Building Operations

COVID-19 has forced many companies to go digital in their processes, changing how they conduct business operations from planning of projects and electronic document management to remote meetings and site visits. This session will explore the how to implement legal service practices to fin efficiencies, while maintaining security of information.

  • Exploring ways in which construction companies are leveraging technology “on the job”
  • Exploring lessons learned from virtual trials, discoveries and meditations in the construction world and anticipating future changes
  • Predicting the impact on process even after in-person courts and tribunals return – are remote witness testimony and other new approaches here to stay?
  • Debating the reliability of software for generating and cataloging documents – How has technology adapted and is now being used on construction projects to record everything from change orders to site instructions?