Ethics 101: Critical Issues to Consider in Selecting Your Joint Venture Partner and Managing Relations

February 26, 2021 5:00pm

Amee Sandhu
Founder & Principal Lawyer
Lex Integra Professional Corporation

Julianna Fox
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

This session will provide a breakdown of key ethical issues to consider and best practices to implement when dealing with joint ventures in construction projects.

  • Identifying your joint venture partner:
    • What kind of due diligence are you doing when you select your joint venture partner? Should you do this before or after your bid/proposal goes to the client?
  • Ethics terms and conditions in your joint venture agreement – what should you have?
  • Codes of conduct and why do they matter? Whose code of conduct prevails? Should you write a specific code of conduct for your joint venture?
  • Ethics trainings: Whose budget pays for the training and which platform do use?
  • Whistleblower Hotlines: Whose whistleblower policy prevails? Whose hotline do you use?
  • Investigations:
    • Whose investigations policy and process prevails?
    • Who will conduct any investigations? Each JV partner, or a joint investigations team?
    • Who will get access to any investigation reports?
    • Who will have authority to implement recommendations coming out of investigations reports?
  • Auditing your joint venture partner? When and how should you audit your joint venture team member?
  • Conflicts of interest: How will you handle conflicts of interest?
  • Subcontractors – how much of this should flow down to subs of the JV partners, and who is responsible for that?