Workshop A | From Theory to Practice: Complying with the Construction Act

Jul 2020

Andrew Heal
Heal & Co. LLP

Know how the Construction Act affects you and what steps you can take to protect your organization whether you are an owner, a contractor or subcontractor, or an architect or engineer. This workshop will cover:

  • Timing issues:
    • When do liens arise and when do they expire?
    • How do the transition rules affect the timelines for liens?
    • How do the transition rules affect access to Adjudication?
  • What are your dispute resolution options under your contract? Should you consider mediation or arbitration instead, and why?
    • Concrete strategies for compliance with the mandatory prompt payment and adjudication requirements in Ontario
    • How is Adjudication supposed to work in practice?
  • Recognize the practice variations across the Province, and that access to Adjudication may not be uniform.
    • What are the process requirements to manage and participate in the summary process of a lien action?
    • Pre-trials, settlement meetings, and other unique aspects of a lien proceeding
  • Special provisions affecting municipalities
  • Practical tips on the use of the mandatory forms under the Construction Act