Friday, May 22  •  10:00 – 11:00 AM EST

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Karen B. Groulx

Karen B. Groulx

Bill Woodhead

Bill Woodhead


Decipher how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your construction projects and where there may be risk of liability and litigation from government directives and social distancing to ensuring worker safety and assessing contract delays.

Join experts to discuss the fine points of risk management amid a pandemic, including:

  • Providing notice under the force majeure, change in law or frustration claims and other delay/impact clauses in a contract
  • Assessing safety standards for onsite workers and assessing where the liability lies
  • Contract delays and costs, who pays for storage charges and other unexpected fees costs and delays arising from key supply chain disruptions
  • Challenges with onsite inspection
  • Subcontractor/supplier impacts
  • Managing risks in your supply chain
  • Obligation to mitigate
  • The availability of insurance and bonding
  • Dispute and Lien Considerations
  • Procuring and bidding on projects in the face of uncertainty regarding the impact of COVID-19