Improving Project Outcomes with Integrated Project Delivery

July 16, 2020 4:15pm

Geza Banfai
McMillan LLP

Dick Bayer
ReAlignment Group Ltd.

As a project delivery method, IPD is unlike any other, with the promise of significant improvements in achieving cost/time certainty and added value for owners while eliminating many of the impediments that plague more traditional methods. Its essential features include a single, multi- party relational contract focused on incentivizing the team towards efficient and timely performance towards common goals, early and intensive involvement of key project participants, joint decision-making, enhanced communication flow, sharing of risk/reward, and waiver of claims among the parties. This session will address:

  • How IPD differs from other project delivery methods
  • Overcoming barriers to implementation
  • How best to procure and organize project teams
  • Effectively managing an IPD project