Keynote Address

Interview with Vancouver Police Department: End of School Liaison Officers and the Impact on Relationships Between Agencies and Schools

November 8, 2021 8:45am

Fiona Wilson
Deputy Chief Constable
Vancouver Police Department

In the wake of some school boards ending their liaison officer programs, this important opening session will discuss how the removal of school liaison officers came to be, the anticipated impact on youth and what the relationship between police and schools will look like in the future.

  • Identifying hallmarks of why the school board ended the program
  • Lessons learned and takeaways for other jurisdictions
  • What does an “evolving” relationship with school boards mean going forward?
  • Emerging critical challenges under YCJA
    • Attending school property
    • Search and seizure on school property, such as lockers
    • Apprehension of a minor on school property