Action Points for Handling Public Complaints and Misconduct Offences: Key Trends and Takeaways for Policy, Training and Complaint Management

November 8, 2021 9:15am

Kevin Kobi
Intake Manager, Professional Standards Branch
Edmonton Police Service

Deborah Petriuk
Public Complaint Director & Legal Counsel
Calgary Police Commission

Naomi Krueger
Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

A broad look at the most common complaints against police officers from dis-credible conduct to racial profiling and discussing their validity. Participate in live anonymous polling as we discuss what positive actions can be taken to reduce complaints and manage complaints effectively?

Part I:
Taking stock of emerging complaints

  • Analyzing the most common complaints against officers, including:
    • Validating the complaint
    • Gauging the level of severity
    • Performance actions taken against the officers
    • Actions communicated to the complainant and/or general public

Part II:
Action Items

  • How can the role of a police agency as a customer service a provider reduce complaints?
  • What role can public education campaigns and community policing initiatives play in reducing complaints?
  • Discuss the correlation between training initiatives and a reduction in complaints