There has been greater recognition in recent years that improvements must be made to both the quality of healthcare and how it is delivered if costs – already approaching 50% of government program spending – are to be contained. While there are many factors which influence the quality of care being delivered, the ultimate success of improvement efforts will rest upon the underlying process of delivery.

By attending this conference you will gain insight into successful strategies from senior healthcare executives and learn from specific case studies which will be of significant benefit to anyone planning a process improvement initiative or solidifying the gains of an existing one. At this unique and essential event you will hear about:

  • How important data collection is to the ultimate success of improvement programs
  • How leaders think of process improvement generally and of Lean methodology specifically; is it a tool, a philosophy or a journey?
  • Case studies on specific areas of improvement including the impact of Lean on leadership thinking, and collaboration between the hospital and community agencies
  • Adapting process improvement to smaller hospitals
  • The latest in change management
  • The challenges of embedding Lean into the highest levels of administration
  • How Saskatchewan has moved beyond healthcare to apply Lean across their entire public sector
  • What the future for successful process improvement looks like

Do you have all the facts? Do you know why some of your peers are successful with process improvement, while others are not? Register today for this comprehensive event and join the discussions that will take you and your organization to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with your peers, gain valuable insights into this essential element of healthcare today, and find out where your next best strategies may be.

To register, call 1.877.927.7936, email [email protected] or do so online.