Yoel Robens-Paradise

Vice President Digital Health Informatics
Providence Healthcare BC

As PHC's lead for Digital Health Informatics, Yoel is also co-sponsor for the Clinical and System Transformation Project; Canada’s largest electronic health record enabled transformation.

Executive for the PHC Health Information Management and Biomedical Engineering services comprising 1,700 staff at 36 sites across Fraser and Vancouver Health Authorities, the Provincial Health Service Association and Providence Health Care. Yoel provides executive sponsorship to Lower Mainland Information Management Information Technology Systems (IMITS), Laboratory, Pharmacy and Medical Imaging.

Proven strategic leader who has successfully delivered large complex transformations that improved services and achieved significant financial targets. Known for a collaborative approach that unites diverse professionals into high-functioning teams focused on common goals.

Yoel has a Masters in Public Administration and Health Policy from Columbia University and has spoken at numerous conferences. He has published articles on health information management, outcomes measurement, quality improvement, planning and evaluation of health services. Yoel strives to be a values-based leader; emphasizing transparency, public accountability, respect and a focus on client/customer service.