Topic #1

Connecting Patients to “Virtual” Physicians

  • Enabling physician access and engagement to integrated platforms, and easing direct communication mechanisms between doctors and internal departments
  • Exploring further developments for virtual care, remote patient monitoring and electronic quality of health initiatives and health systems
IRT Moderator:
Trevor Jamieson Virtual Care Lead WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV)
  IRT Co-Moderator:
Saurabh Mukhi Chief Technology Officer Think Research
Topic #2

Population Health: Leveraging Data and Analytic Capabilities for Preventive Care

  • Understanding the use and power of data and leveraging advancements in technology and analytic capabilities to change how care is delivered. What are the challenges and opportunities in front of us?
  • Understanding patient populations through data to proactively engage and deliver local care interventions that reduce inequities and start to bend the curve towards value-based care delivery models
  • Establishing a social license and a framework for accountability to health outcomes – what are the key drivers and barriers towards value-based care?
IRT Moderator:
Shiran Isaacksz Senior Director Regional/Provincial University Health Network
  IRT Co-Moderator:
Jen Hoecht Director of Solution Delivery Strata Health Solutions
Topic #3

Information Governance and Privacy Protection—Benchmarking and Standardizing

  • Addressing information accountability, integrity and interoperability concerns
  • Considering the relationship data owners, health information custodians and the solution providers—where is the intersection among all three stakeholders? What is the extent of patient privacy?
  IRT Moderator:
Eric Sutherland (Acting) Director Information Management Strategy and Policy Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care
  IRT Co-Moderator:
Chris Richmond Sales Engineering Leader Proofpoint
Topic #4

Harnessing Data and AI Tools to Foster Predictive Analyses of Healthcare

  • Pre-requisites and corresponding impacts and challenges of implementing machine learning
  • Understanding the data standards, specifications and accountability for information exchange and storage
IRT Moderator:
Ted Scott Vice President Research and Chief Innovation Officer Hamilton Health Sciences
  IRT Moderator:
Dr. Jeremy Petch Project Director, Quality and Performance Analytics St. Michael’s Hospital
  IRT Co-Moderator:
Daniel Zikovitz Principal Solutions Architect GE Healthcare Canada
Topic #5

Looping in on Patient Portals to Promote Efficiency and Accessibility

  • Streamlining all patient data, ranging from clinical support to acute care systems, into one platform for all patients and physicians to access
  • Protecting patient identities and maintaining access technologies
IRT Moderator:
Yoel Robens-Paradise Vice President, Digital Health Informatics Providence Healthcare BC
  IRT Co-Moderator:
Patrice Gilbert President and CEO Petal MD