Interactive Roundtable Topics (IRT)

175D18-OTT-How it Works Moderated by experts, participants benefit from 5 rotations featuring informal, dynamic discussions with peers focusing on one aspect of their designated track. Gain comprehensive insights from the experiences of IT and policy leaders which can be transformed into an actionable plan for your organization. About the Interactive Roundtable (IRT) Format HealthTech Connect uses a unique approach – which is the secret to our success! The interactive roundtable format enables participants to partake in open and engaging discussions with a group of their peers as they rotate from table to table. Each table features a different topic and is hosted by a subject matter expert and moderator (the dedicated Sponsor). The traditional ‘talking head’ approach isn’t always the most effective way for people to learn which is why our format is highly valuable. The unparalleled opportunities for delegates to engage with leading technology leaders for in-depth discussions encourage deeper and more meaningful discussions and build vital relationships.

Delegates are strategically divided into designated groups before the conference.

Each group visits 5 tables within their stream for a 40-minute discussion throughout the day.

Each table is moderated by a subject matter expert as well as an executive from the sponsoring organization and will feature a difference discussion topic.

After every 40-minute discussion, each group rotates to the next roundtable and has a new conversation on a new topic.