Providing effective government services starts at the top with strategic planning and bold decision-making to better serve citizens. As digital solutions continue to open doors to innovative approaches, public sector leaders are seeking out new ways to ensure services are more efficient, accessible and customized for users.

GovConnect Federal offers an exclusive, invitation-only platform for heads of information management and public sector transformation across the GoC to delve into the hot topics affecting their department.

Our dynamic roundtable sessions facilitate peer-to-peer learning opportunities and meaning dialogue to help set the stage for pursuing digital transformation and modernization goals. Learn from past mistakes and collaborate on best practices to turn your vision for the future of government into reality.

Jeff Braybrook

Jeff Braybrook

Director, Collaboration Solutions, Chief Information Office ,
Shared Services Canada

Carly Dybka

Carly Dybka

Assistant Director,
Social Media and Care Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Paul Gaskin

Paul Gaskin

Director General, Planning, Operations and Information Branch, Canadian Forest Service,
Natural Resources Canada

Danielle Holden

Danielle Holden

Director, Digital Services Enablement,
Transport Canada

Liz McKeown

Liz McKeown

Faculty, Digital Academy,
Canada School of Public Service

Emma Orawiec

Emma Orawiec

Director General,
Public Services and Procurement Canada

Elizabeth Rhodenizer

Elizabeth Rhodenizer

Chief Information Officer and Director General,Information Technology Services Department ,
Public Service Commission of Canada

Roundtable Topics
Topic #1

Shifting Toward an Agile Culture

  • Building digital dexterity and exploring foundational concepts for digital transformation in a government context
  • Unpacking examples of the Government of Canada’s 10 Digital Standards
  • Discussion – prioritization and importance of these standards in your work environment and how to apply
Topic #2

AI and Automated Decision Making

  • The role of AI in IT operations and the existing opportunities and challenges
  • What are the implications of machine learning and disruptive technologies?
Topic #3

Designing a Mobile Workforce

  • Weaving flexibility into the delivery of programs and services
  • Mobilizing the diversity of talent and putting employee experience first
  • How to adapt work settings and leverage modern tools to improve quality of output
Topic #4

Cyber Security and Privacy

  • Managing the balancing act of open government and the protection of privacy
  • Taking a proactive approach by designing services with security and privacy in mind
  • Allow secure sharing of information by assessing internal and external threats and identifying susceptible areas
Topic #5

Digital Transformation and the Challenge of Organizational Culture

  • GoC’s strategy for adopting cloud computing in the delivery of IT services
  • Understanding cloud-based solutions and data governance strategies for effective analytics
  • Using cloud services to keep up with changing policy and minimize infrastructure costs
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It was a wonderful format! The roundtable discussions being the primary vehicle, helps support my position of advocacy and helped convince several people to change their views on cloud adoption and working in the open.

Vivian Nobrega
Open Source Advocate for the GC Treasury Board
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I found this event very interesting, as I do every year. It’s an excellent opportunity to consider topics in a way that our busy work schedules often don’t allow. I always look forward to the presentations and conversations at these events.

Devon Bartley
Advisor for Justice Canada
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