As the Government of Alberta continues to embark on transforming the work of government to deliver simpler, efficient and better services for the citizens of Alberta in the digital age, there are inevitably challenges that accompany such fundamental changes in how the Province does business and serves the public. An important part of the process is working in collaboration with various stakeholders and departments to build a digital and open government.

GovConnect Alberta gives you the chance to join and engage with key public sector leaders to tackle and address innovative transformation ideas. This is an exclusive invitation only event, where you utilize the unique format of our interactive roundtables to problem solve your challenges with different departments from Alberta’s provincial and municipal governments.


Leaders involved in public sector transformation within provincial and municipal governments, hospitals, and universities:

  • Chief/Deputy Information Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Information & Communications Technology (ADM, Director)
  • IT/Policy Strategy (ADM, Director)
  • Chief/Deputy Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Business Transformation (ADM, Director)
  • Service Design/Delivery (ADM, Director)

Event Contacts

For sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Graeme Cowlen
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7387
[email protected]

For media partnership opportunities please contact:
Jessica Bing
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7275
[email protected]

For questions about this year’s program/content, or information on how you can speak next year please contact:
Helen Cowan
P: 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7297
[email protected]

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