Workshop A | Developing Solid Policies for an Effective Housing Department

Nov 26, 2019 9:00am – 12:00pm

Caryma Sa’d
Caryma Sa’d Lawyer & Notary

Participate in this unique opportunity to bring your housing policies and review them among your peers in an interactive document swap. Compare with others and find the effective strategies for your community.
  • Best practices to manage your portfolio using housing policies
  • Understand how to develop or update your housing policies and then implement them effectively:
    • Rent collection and Arrears
    • Procurement of services
    • Eviction notices
    • MRP
    • Fires, no insurance
    • Tenant damage and maintenance
    • Death of a tenant
  • Use your housing policy as a tool to communicate expectations and rights within the community
  • Liaise with your members and building understanding of the policies, so you can have difficult conversations