Housing Initiatives in Urban Settings: Concrete Actions to Address the Housing Crisis and Homelessness in Atlantic Canada

October 19, 2022 11:00am

Susan Motty
Deputy Chief / Capital Construction Coordinator
Pabineau First Nation

Indigenous people living in urban settings are experiencing homelessness at alarming rates.
This session will explore initiatives to:

  • Obtaining funding from Indigenous Services Canada for housing for what kind of housing
  • Assessing the urban homelessness crisis for Indigenous peoples
  • Exploring initiatives to reduce poverty and homelessness, and improving health outcomes in Atlantic Canada
  • Analyzing the actions taken to provide housing and services
  • Understanding the roles of the key players who adequately address this including: government, Indigenous service providers and First Nations
  • Enhancing community partnerships and recognizing client diversity
  • Eliminating barriers and creating initiatives to assist Indigenous people to return to their communities