It is time for the FinTech sector in Canada to have a future-defining discussion as it continues to mature as an industry. Key players must take stock of buzzwords and whether they have delivered; then build on past success to develop a roadmap forward.
The FinTech Forum, November 30, 2017, offers stakeholders: startups, incumbents, policy makers and investors, the opportunity to come together and develop a sector-wide finserv playbook. “From Bubble to Bottom Line” cuts through the hype and focuses on leveraging technology and innovation to grow the financial services industry as a whole.   With key insights into how incumbent financial service providers and startup tech companies can collaborate in FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech, this forum is the go-to event for any financial services organization looking for growth opportunities:
  • DETERMINE best practices of partnerships between incumbent organizations and start-ups that enable successful growth
  • ANALYZE the ingredients necessary to enable growth in Toronto and the Corridor: human capital, regulatory environment and innovative thinking
  • COMPARE in-house and outpost innovation models to determine which set-up is the best fit for your organization
  • LEARN how to overcome challenges to the integration of new tech into the legacy systems of the financial sector
  • MEET industry stakeholders in both structured and unstructured networking sessions and gain an understanding of FinTech opportunities through their perspective
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Venue Information

Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel

90 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON M4W 1A7

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