Third Party and Supply Chain Due Diligence: Vetting Prospective Business Partners, Mitigating New Risks and Updating Your Contingency Plan

January 27, 2022 9:45am

Debbie Shaffer
Senior Manager, Global Trade Compliance
L3Harris Technologies

Ajay Gupta
Independent Defence Trade Compliance Professional
Formerly Senior Manager – Defence Trade Compliance, & Contract Security

Irving Shipbuilding

  • Key risks that are harder to detect and mitigate
  • Overcoming hurdles to identifying red flags
  • The finer points of conducting due diligence and screening suppliers, freight forwarders, distributors, customs brokers, customers, third parties, and end users
  • Screening and risk mitigation:
    • The pitfalls to avoid when developing your shortlist of suppliers for screening
    • New, emerging supply chain risk factors-and how to evolve your export and reexport compliance practices in response
  • Third-party integrity due diligence (IDD): The finer points of getting to know your business partners