Hassan Fancy BA, LLD

Specialist in Civil Litigation, Fancy Barristers
Author, “Demonstrative Advocacy: Understanding and Constraining Partiality in Adjudication”

HASSANFANCY iscertified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Civil Litigation and is currently with FANCY BARRISTERS P.C. He is the author of aground breaking book titled DemonstrativeAdvocacy: Understanding and Constraining Partiality, applies thedemonstrative solutions to legal proceedings in which he is counsel, andteaches on a range of subjects in law and otherwise. Hassan is the ManagingBarrister of the firm Fancy Barristers P.C., where he practices civillitigation with an emphasis on medical malpractice, pathological gamblinglitigation and catastrophic torts. He has 22 years of litigation experience.Fancy Barristers has a Charitable Advocacy Program under which the firm takeson one or two difficult legal matters each year (without or significantlyreduced fees) to provide access to justice. In December 2011, after four yearsof pro bono defense litigation provided by Hassan and his colleague Mr.Pallechu, the Court established a precedent finding, reduced moral culpabilityand favoring community service over imprisonment for a vulnerable young womanwho suffered from pathological gambling. Demonstrative Advocacy was used tovisually define the disorder, its consequences and the prejudice to society ifthe accused/victim was imprisoned.