Doug Perovic BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FAAAS, FCAE, PEng

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
University of Toronto

DOUG PEROVIC is a professorwith University of Toronto. Dr. Perovicobtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department ofMaterials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Subsequently heworked at the Institute for Microstructural Sciences, National Research CouncilCanada and the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. He joinedthe Department in 1992 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to fullProfessor in 1997 where shortly thereafter he was appointed as Chairman of theDepartment. In 2003 he was re-appointed for an additional 5-year term asChairman. In 2000 Dr. Perovic championed the world’s first undergraduate degreeprogram in nanotechnology at the University of Toronto. A renowned authority onforensic engineering and failure analysis, Dr. Perovic has led manyinvestigations in Canada and the United States, often serving as the voice ofthe profession in the media on high profile cases. He developed and teaches theonly university level course on Forensic Engineering in Canada. Dr. Perovic is theCelestica Chair in Materials for Microelectronics, a Fellow of the CanadianAcademy of Engineering (FCAE), Fellow of the American Association for theAdvancement of Science (FAAAS), Senior Fellow at Massey College and co-directorof the newly established Ontario Centre for Characterization of AdvancedMaterials (OCCAM) at the University of Toronto.