Watch Your Legal Language — The Do’s and Don’t’s of Report Writing

November 25, 2015 9:45am

Sloan Mandel
Partner, Specialist in Civil Litigation
Thomson, Rogers

Chris Milburn CPA, CMA, CBV
Managing Director, Economic Consulting
FTI Consulting

  • Keep lawyers happy by learning to speak their language to maximum effect
  • Save time by making sure you get the instructions you really need from counsel
  • Know your audience and learn to structure your reports to speak to different groups
  • How to ask the right questions so you can:
    • Understand the “theory” of the case
    • Know the “legal test” your client needs to meet
    • Drill down to the true issues
    • Appreciate how your work fits in to the client’s arguments
    • Understand the burden of proof and what that means for your opinion