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Participate in peer-to-peer sharing and learning with thought leaders from the public sector.

The threat of cyber-attacks looms larger than ever and private companies aren’t the only ones being targeted. Public sector organizations are on high alert to maintain the public’s trust by protecting what could be highly sensitive data from a possible breach.

Cyber Security Public Sector offers an exclusive, invitation-only platform for heads of cyber security and information management from public sector organizations across Canada to discuss strategies for tackling this growing problem.

Our dynamic roundtable sessions provide a peer-to-peer learning experience that is designed to help propel departmental plans in IM/IT forward. Participants will benefit from direct interaction with IT professionals and cyber security experts across Ontario’s municipal, provincial and federal governments, universities and health sectors.

Jenny Alfandary

Jenny Alfandary

Chief Information Officer, Metrolinx and Professor AI,
University of Guelph

Derek Bowers

Derek Bowers

Chief Information Technology Officer,
Town of Wasaga Beach

Rodney Burns

Rodney Burns

Chief Information Officer/Chief Privacy Officer,
Alliance for Healthier Communities

Jasmina Germanski

Jasmina Germanski

Manager Privacy and Information Security,
Mackenzie Health

Keith Jansa

Keith Jansa

Executive Director,
CIO Strategy Council

Frank Post

Frank Post

Corporate Information Security Officer,
Ontario Pension Board

Dave Trask

Dave Trask

Principal Engineer, Cyber Security Instrumentation, Information and Control ,
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Roundtable Topics
Topic #1

Building a Secure Workforce

  • Staying ahead of cyber incidents by training staff to identify risks and follow security protocol
  • Danger of APT activity in the public sector and how to keep users mindful of latest threats and tactics
  • How to create a culture of cyber security and make it the cornerstone of your operation
Topic #2

Impact of AI and Machine Learning

  • Exploring the benefits of intelligence-based monitoring, detection and response
  • How AI can be used to augment work and combat cybercrime?
  • What are the risks and how can they be mitigated?
Topic #3

The Sky is Falling: Disaster Recovery Plan Fundamentals

  • Step-by-step guide on what actions to take if your department becomes a victim of cybercrime
  • Business continuity planning and how to proactively prevent breaches
  • The role of cyber insurance in the recovery process; know what’s covered and what’s not
Topic #4

Optimization of Data Management

  • Information classification and how to protect an IT environment (e.g., email)
  • Privacy compliance and risk management
Topic #5

Privacy and Security Best Practices

  • Growing security risks to critical infrastructure associated with IoT devices
  • Ongoing challenges governments, industry and civil society face, from the introduction of new technologies (i.e., 5G, distributed ledgers and AI) to gaps in data governance (i.e., data discovery, ownership, residency, ethics and safe use)
  • Key considerations for devising new standards, protocols and best practices to protect consumer privacy and secure data assets without stifling IoT-related innovation
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Excellent insight and great conversations! Loved the non-invasive approach of guiding the roundtable discussions.

Sarah Qureshi
Chief Information Security Officer at KLG
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The chance to have more small-scale discussions with peers from other industries.

Derek Sutton
IT Director at SickKids Foundation
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