How Export Development Canada Streamlined its Information Management Process Through a “Radical Change Initiative”

January 19, 2021 12:15pm

Leah Gilbert Morris
Deputy Secretary and Director, Corporate Secretariat
Export Development Canada (Ottawa, ON)

With extended day-long meetings and thousands of pages of documents to review, corporate boards are constantly overwhelmed with large amounts of often unfocused information. In 2019, EDC reached a tipping point, recognizing that its board needed concise and actionable briefing materials in order to provide effective oversight. Its “Radical Change Initiative” sought to lighten this information overload, and by the second board meeting following implementation, it decreased the volume of its books by half. This session will explain how EDC achieved this radical transformation through a team of:

  • Governance analytics and change management specialists
  • A lawyer advising on legal requirements for management briefs to the board
  • A writer dissecting how documents were drafted and a specialist on presentations