Your Step-by-Step Guide to Contracts that Win

The Canadian Institute’s Contract Performance Management Conference (Toronto, September 28-29, 2016) will walk you through the stages of contract performance management using case studies, hands-on presentations, practical panels and workshops designed specifically with your feedback in mind. Tired of contracts that give you grief as a project progresses? Learn how to craft and implement a contract that will establish essential performance standards from the onset. Struggling to establish positive, long-lasting relationships with vendors? Hear from organizations that have discovered how to align goals and resources to create a win-win for vendors and end users alike. Master Contract Performance Management with In-Depth Sessions:
  • MOVE toward an integrated, sustainable contract management plan: Create a pure line of sight between your contract management plan and your company’s long-term goals
  • DEVELOP winning relationships with your vendors: Maximize vendor performance and boost revenue with more collaborative vendor-end user relationships
  • IMPLEMENT a more innovative approach to contracting: Incorporate a more radical, high-yielding approach to critical contracts with the Vested Outsourcing framework
  • EMPLOY contract management techniques that work: Gain intel from industry insiders to facilitate your contract performance management process throughout a project’s lifecycle
  • LEVERAGE knowledge from various industries and sectors: Learn best practices of experts across industries as well as in both private and public sector
Don’t pass up this opportunity to hear from leaders in this area and to ensure that you can craft and manage contracts that will work for you. Secure your seat by calling 1-877-927-7936, emailing us or registering online. We look forward to meeting you in September 2016!


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