Sustainable Plan Management. Effective Member Engagement Strategies. Vital Regulatory Updates.

A decade of economic turmoil has created a multitude of challenges for pension plans. In this brave new world low interest rates, exchange rate volatility and an aging workforce have caused the sustainability of the pension system to be questioned. At the same time, the increasingly rapid pace of technological progress brings opportunities, but also uncovers concerns. On the one hand, communication strategies must adapt to the digital habits of plan members. On the other hand, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against privacy breaches becomes more critical than ever before. Layered over these intricacies is the implementation of the ORPP*, the new provincial retirement plan. January 2017 will mark the beginning of the registration process for employers; January 2018 will see the phase-in of the first payments. The reform has far-reaching consequences for existing pension plans, which may have to be adapted or wound up by the 2020 deadline. What better time to come together and discuss the state of pensions with your peers, thought leaders, regulators and international experts? Attend the 2nd Annual Canadian Workplace Pensions Forum to get answers to many of your burning questions and take away valuable lessons learned from prominent case studies.
  • How can you build a go-forward structure for your pension plan that takes the most recent regulatory changes into account?
  • What are the best practices for fund management and how can they be applied to both DB and DC plans?
  • How can good governance guidelines be practically implemented and realized in plan governance structures?
  • What impact is the digital transformation having on plans and their members? How can plans best transition to new methods of communication?
  • Can the market expect more large-scale annuity purchases? What can Canada learn from innovative derisking strategies in the UK?
Join us this September for more than 9 hours of learning and at least three hours of networking opportunities that will give you the chance to collect all the information you need to prepare your plan for 2017 and beyond! Secure your seat by calling 1-877-927-7936, emailing us or registering online. * Due to the recent decision to expand the CPP and abandon the ORPP, we are working diligently to update this section of the agenda for you. Stay tuned for more information!

Venue and Accommodation

InterContinental Toronto Yorkville

220 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1T8

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