Ed Starr

SHS Consulting

ED STARRis one of the Founding Partner of SHS Consulting. Amember of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, he possesses 42 years ofprofessional experience in community planning, public policy and affordablehousing. He has participated actively in a variety of studies around housingfor older adults and has also coordinated the development of a more than twodozen seniors housing projects on behalf of housing providers across Ontario. Hedirected the preparation of the Seniors Housing Options study for Ontario’s NorthEast Local Health Integration Network and also directed the development of theFirst Nations Seniors Housing Strategy for the North Shore Tribal Council. He wasone of the lead consultants in the preparation of the recent “Housing for OlderCanadians” Guides produced for CMHC in collaboration with the Canadian UrbanInstitute and the Guide to Housing for Persons Living with Dementia, alsoprepared for CMHC in collaboration with the Balance of Care Group at the U of Tand Snyder Architects.