Through the Developers’ Lens: Challenges Faced by Developers in Building Projects Targeted to Older Canadians

November 3, 2015 2:00pm

What is it about?

Getting any housing project off the ground and seeing
it to fruition is a complex and risky endeavor, and most
projects targeted to seniors also encounter additional
challenges.This session will explore the complex nature
of this business and examine many of the common
challenges including;

  • Obtaining financing for projects; what are the common
    pitfalls and potential solutions?
  • Navigating the planning process and the length of
    time it can take in some municipalities; would greater
    collaboration between planners and developers
    shorten timelines?
  • Competition for land with condo developers, who
    can afford to pay more, can a way still be found for
    developers to build projects geared to older adults in
    major cities?
  • The development charges imposed by municipalities
    can negatively affect profitability and affordability
    »» Is there a solution?
  • Building codes and regulations; There is at times
    a contradiction between code requirements and
    developer requirements, and there are no codes
    yet for assisted housing and memory care facilities
  • Finding the right neighbourhood, correctly anticipating
    demand and building for cultural diversity

Session Materials