Navigating Local Issues and Challenges to Find Solutions at the Municipal Level

November 3, 2015 3:30pm

Scott Mackie
Manager, Planning Department
City of Edmonton

Sean Gadon
Affordable Housing Office, City of Toronto

Nathan Wukasch
Town of Wasaga Beach


Peter Thoma
Urban Metrics

  • How are municipalities – both large and small – coping with an aging population now, and what is the future forecast?
  • Many families’ first choice is to add suites to their homes for their aging relatives, yet many encounter zoning restrictions and NIMBYism. How can this be overcome?
  • What do municipal planners want to see in development proposals for older adults, and are there ways of working more collaboratively with developers both to expedite the process and obtain the best result for the municipality?
  • What are the challenges municipalities face in providing affordable housing, and administering and managing waiting lists for access? Are there changes that can and should be made to better serve the growing seniors population?