From Construction to Clinical Operations: Exploring How AI Can Enhance Healthcare and its Infrastructure

June 20, 2024 9:30am

Kathy Malas
Chief Research, Innovation and Learning Officer, Health and Social Services Integrated Center of Montérégie-Ouest
Health Professional Researcher, Innovation Hub Axis, Research Centre of CHUM

Patrick Lalonde
Director, Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Operations, Digital & Data Engineering

  • Part I Use Cases for Achieving Clinical Efficiencies: How to Optimize Human Resources with Emerging Technologies
  • Part II Use Cases for Construction: Tapping into opportunities to streamline projects and improve precision
    • Integration of Reality Capture, BIM, and AI Analysis:
      • Exploring how reality capture, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and project data can be combined and analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Market Tools and Practical Applications:
      • Discovering the various tools and technologies available in the market
      • Understand their practical applications for enhancing efficiency and productivity
    • Industry Opportunities and Challenges:
      • Identifying the opportunities for all stakeholders
      • Discussing challenges and key enablers required for success