Examining Current Challenges and Opportunities for the Use of Mass Timber and Hybrid Systems in Healthcare

June 21, 2024 3:30pm

Juan J. Cruz Martinez
Director, Implementation Slocan Site Redevelopment Project
BC Children's Hospital

Robert Jackson
Fast + Epp

Danielle Marx
North Zone IPC Senior Consultant Infection Prevention & Control
Alberta Health Services


Chris McQuillan

In British Columbia there is a provincial mandate to use mass timber to construct new, public buildings. The move away from steel and concrete is expected to reduce carbon emissions and lead to overall economic benefits for the region. However, the use of mass timber, especially in healthcare facilities is now without its own unique challenges.

This panel will explore industry trends, anticipated benefits, and key considerations for use of mass timber in healthcare projects. Points of discussion include:

  • Understanding what mass timber is and why the province and other jurisdictions are opting to use it in different types of buildings
  • Exploring IPAC considerations for the use of mass timber and how this has influenced where it is used in healthcare buildings to date
    • Examining examples of how mass timber is being used in hospitals and assessing the potential use in low acuity settings
  • Key structural and design considerations when planning a mass timber or hybrid structure
    • Structural spacing
    • Vibration and movement of the materials
  • Assessing whether the current market is equipped to deliver complex mass timber healthcare projects
    • Identifying how planning and delivery will differ from infrastructure built with traditional materials