Debate: Construction Disputes: Causes and Risk Management – Minimizing Infrastructure Construction Delays and Disputes

February 25, 2020 2:15pm

Adrienne Atherton
Civic Legal

Dave Neufeld
P.Eng, Senior Project Manager Facilities Capital Development
Island Health

Steven Ness
Surety Association of Canada

It seems inevitable that construction projects come with delays, disputes, and even project contractor failure; all of which are disruptive to the efficient progression of the project, and costly to all parties. In this session, our panel will discuss common causes of potentially costly construction delays and disputes in healthcare capital projects, and the tools available to minimize the risks of disputes with the goal of securing effective delivery of the construction project on-time and on-budget. Our panelists will draw from their own experiences and perspectives to identify common issues that arise and provide tips on how they can be addressed from the legal and risk management or risk transfer perspective, as well as discussing lessons learned and providing practical insights from the owner’s perspective.