A Tale of Urban Brownfield Hospital Redevelopment Projects: Applying Operational Readiness Lessons Learned

June 20, 2024 3:30pm

Alice Geertsen
Senior Project Manager, Clinical Operational Readiness, Project Horizon
The Hospital for Sick Children

Carlin Howard
Consultant, Program and Business Solutions

Join us for a candid conversation about navigating largescale, urban, brownfield hospital redevelopment projects. In dense urban centres, there is often no choice but find a way through construction at the current hospital site while continuing to care for patients. This session will examine the unique challenges that can arise in such a complex operation. Our speakers will share current strategies based off past experiences with this type of project.

  • Describing how the role of operational readiness differs in a Brownfield Redevelopment project
  • Partnering with the redevelopment team and contractors and the establishment of key structures to minimize interruptions and delays in the project schedule
  • Planning for and problem solving some of the unique challenges that present in a Brownfield project