A Canadian Institute Annual Best Practices Forum ASSET-BASED LENDING in a Globalized Economy Canada’s asset-based lending sector is unique – and so is this annual ABL forum. ABL professionals in Canada must be experts in their field, as well as specialists in all forms of cross-border trade and related commercial law and financial practice. To maintain that expertise – to remain a leader – Canada’s ABL professionals must stay up-to-date and connected. At the 2nd Annual Canadian Institute Forum, ABL lawyers and lenders, underwriters, analysts, examiners, accountants and borrowers discuss, and debate, the latest issues and challenges in the sector, and share updates on interprovincial, Canada-US, and international cross-border trade, law, lending and changing market realities (such as Brexit and Canada-China trade). Forum updates include:
  • Canada in the Global Market: The Opportunities of Globalization (Economic Projections Panel)
  • ABL Best Practices from Bankers’ and Borrowers’ Perspectives
  • Cross-Border Financing: Lending Within Canada and the US (Lenders’ Panel)
  • Maximizing International ABL Opportunities – and Avoiding Obstacles: Including Spotlights on Brexit, CETA, TPP, Latin American, the Middle East, Asia and China
  • Plus, focused panels and keynote presentations on Field Exams and Monitoring, Supply Chain Financing, Underwriting, and a Fintech update for ABL professionals
  Join your industry colleagues and international counterparts at this unique internationally-focused Canadian forum on Asset-Based Lending in a Globalized Economy, January 31 – February 1, 2017.  

Venue Information at a Glance

One King West

1 King Street West, Toronto, ON, M5H 1A1