Planning the Infrastructure of the Future – How Climate Change Is Impacting Construction

March 30, 2022 11:45am

Priyank Thatté
Executive Director, Sustainable Infrastructure Branch
Highways and Public Works, Yukon Government

Paul Murchison
Executive Director, Major Transportation
Highways and Public Works, Yukon Government

Planning to invest in transportation and building infrastructure construction considering a future climate presents many challenges. This is especially true in the western arctic and subarctic where climate change is occurring more quickly than anywhere else in Canada.  Yukon is taking steps to improve our understanding of the physical and financial impacts of climate change on northern infrastructure in an effort to improve our ability to adapt engineering practices.

The presentation will provide an overview of what Yukon is doing to understand the financial impacts of climate change on the  transportation system and new building construction, what research has been undertaken and is currently underway to better understand how to adapt to and mitigate climate change impacts. 

  • How do you plan for infrastructure that is resilient to flooding, storms and damage as the result of climate change?
  • Designing for future requirements, ensuring resilience, adaptability and managing risk
  • Exploring the challenges of constructing in the north, maintenance of the roadway, adapting to the changing/melting permafrost