Eugenio DiMira
Head of Global Compliance, AMLATF Program

Bob Kapur
AML Specialist

Complimentary Webinar Highlights:

From the comfort of your home office, join two leading voices in AML for a discussion about how COVID-19 conditions are impacting operational imperatives and what you can do about it. They will share perspectives and insights on regulatory guidance, what you should be watching out for now, how to help your team adapt and the future of AML as a result of these changes.

Join to strategize and leverage best practices to fight financial crime during this unprecedented time.

  • Examining FINTRAC guidance on meeting obligations during the pandemic: What organizations need to know about tracking delays
  • How to align your organization’s risk-based approach and better manage resources
  • Exploring opportunities to leverage digital ID
  • Typologies to watch for during the pandemic
  • Fighting fraud: How to detect and deter emerging schemes
  • Stay connected: leveraging your network and online platforms to troubleshoot

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