How to Detect New Schemes of Money Laundering Practices

June 15, 2022 3:45pm

Jill Keays
Intelligence Analyst, Federal Policing – Financial Crime
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Kevin deBruyckere, CAMS
Director, AML & Investigations

Rob Vingerhoets, CFCI
Detective Constable – Proceeds of Crime Section, Financial Crimes Unit
York Regional Police


Derek Ramm
Director, Anti-Money Laundering
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

In this session, with a spotlight on real estate, gaming, and money service business activity, leading experts, including law enforcement officials on the front line, will examine the latest AML and financial crimes schemes being used by criminals and provide insight into how to identify and mitigate these emerging risks.

  • Analyzing latest financial crimes typologies
  • Practical advice on what to watch for and how to respond to plug holes in your compliance program that permit illicit transactions to proceed undetected