20th Anniversary Alumni Roundtable

Busts, Breakthroughs, Blind spots: Former Law Enforcement Officials Reveal 20 Years of Lessons Learned for Compliance, Intelligence and Enforcement

May 4, 2021 10:00am

Pete Payne-head shot

Supt. Pete Payne
Director, Financial Crime

John Shoemaker
VP, CAMLO, Head of Global Financial Crime Risk and Compliance
Great-West Lifeco Inc.

Peter Warrack
Chief Compliance Officer

Garry Clement
President & CEO
Clement Advisory Group

Cameron F head shot

Cameron Field
Senior Manager, AML Investigations Liaison and Special Initiatives

In this exclusive session former law enforcement officials gather for a candid conversation about the evolution of financial crime in Canada, examining both the highlights and the lowlights over the past 20 years. They will impart their own unique professional insights and critical lessons learned with an aim to improving compliance, risk management measures and information sharing.

  • Analyzing the impact of recent money laundering revelations: From the Dirty Money Reports to the Cullen Commission
  • Assess monumental breakthroughs in financial crime cases and major missteps over the past 20 years
    • Hear what’s working and what isn’t across compliance, intelligence, and enforcement teams
    • Key insights on how to stay nimble in response to this rapidly changing financial crime landscape
  • Gather insights on compliance and investigative best practices for AML teams
  • Examine how typologies are evolving to exploit the digital economy
  • Insights on how to engage with new RCMP IPOC unit
  • How to produce reports that will advance investigations