Special Focus on AML Analytics and Technology Part I

AML Model Management: How to Improve Monitoring and Meet Regulator Expectations through Testing and Advancing Technology

May 4, 2021 1:30pm

David Creamer
Senior Manager, AML Model Management

Rock Magleby-Lambert
SVP, Quantitative Analysis and Modeling Group Manager
PNC Bank

  • Key considerations when testing and tuning
    • How to measure and report model accuracy, including both false positives and false negatives
    • How adjust models to account for behavioral changes during the pandemic
  • Understanding how to read data and remedy deficiencies
  • Practical examples of how to turn data into valuable AML insights
  • Overcoming challenges to integrating and using advancing technologies such as AI and machine learning
    • Best practices for training
    • The need to test for false negatives
    • The relationship between testing and human subjectivity
  • Determining when to tune vs. redesign a model?
    • What is the role of model monitoring and how can it be done effectively?
  • How to ensure your models are OSFI compliant