Stephen Harvey

Harvey AML Advisory Inc.

STEPHEN HARVEY draws upon a career in banking and financial services that stretchesover 50 years when he advises clients on anti-money laundering and terroristfinancing related matters. Mr. Harvey began his career in banking in Scotlandin 1962.  Since then he has served inpositions of increasing responsibility in retail and wholesale banking, foreignexchange and a variety of compliance related roles in the UK, Canada, the FarEast, and the US prior to returning to Canada in 1999.  At that time he was appointed ChiefAnti-Money Laundering Officer at CIBC. Prior to assuming this role at CIBC he managed Bank of America’santi-money laundering program. With over 25 years of experience in the field ofinternational anti-money laundering compliance, Mr. Harvey is considered one ofNorth America’s foremost authorities on the topic, and is a frequent speakerand panellist at conferences and seminars throughout Canada, the United Statesand abroad.  He has presented toconferences in Argentina, Barbados, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Curacao,England, Hong Kong, Mexico and Panama. Mr. Harvey represented the US bankingindustry at the 1998 Financial Services Forum of the Financial Action TaskForce (FATF) in Brussels, and is a past member of the US Treasury Department’sBank Secrecy Act Advisory Group; the US Treasury Department’s BSA AdvisoryGroup Funds Transfer Subgroup; and the American Bankers Association MoneyLaundering Task Force. Mr. Harvey represented the Canadian banking industry atthe 2005 Private Sector Dialogue of the FATF in Brussels, and is a past memberof the FATF Electronic Advisory Group on the Risk-Based Approach, a sub-groupof the FATF Working Group on Evaluations and Implementation.  Mr. Harvey was also a member of the FATFExpert Group on the Review of Recommendation 9. He is a past member of Canada’sPublic/Private Sector Advisory Committee on AML chaired by the Department ofFinance, and served as chair of the Canadian Bankers Association MoneyLaundering Working Group, and represented the CBA on the International BankingFederation’s Financial Crimes Working Group.